Rego Park Health Care offers rehabilitation services for the evaluation and treatment of multiple conditions including:
• Stroke
• Fracture
• Joint Replacement
• Amputations
• Circulatory Problems
• Re-conditioning due to illness

Physical Therapy
Our Physical Therapy Program is designed to help the patient return to an active life as quickly as possible. Therapy will reduce pain, increase flexibility, increase range of motion and function, build strength and correct posture. Physical Therapy is often prescribed to treat soft tissue trauma, nerve inflammation, muscle spasms, fracture and arthritis. Management of pain is accomplished with various specialized pieces of equipment. These include electrical stimulation, Ultra sound, paraffin baths and many other specialty pieces which help promote strength and endurance training.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy is designed to help individuals achieve a maximum level of independence. This will include performing activities of daily living such as dressing, grooming, bathing and eating. Adaptive Equipment may be used to enhance performance in personal care. At Rego Park we have spared no expense to help patients adapt to their new reality. We have a full working kitchenette, to help patients relearn those activities in their environment. Our Gym also includes a fully integrated car mock up to help patients learn the correct way to enter a car, with physical challenges. Our interchangeable surfaces allow patients to adapt to the surfaces they will encounter once they go home.

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapists will assess, diagnose and treat disorders related to speech, language cognitive-communication, and voice and swallowing difficulties. The Therapist will teach individuals how to improve their voices or increase their oral or written language skills to communicate more effectively. The Speech Therapist will teach individuals how to strengthen muscles to swallow without choking or inhaling food or liquid.